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I'm a Remodeler: Is BRANNJ & NAHB Right for me?

If you are a remodeler and work in the residential or light commercial industries, membership in NAHB can help you grow your business in a number of targeted ways.

Membership in a large organization like ours means big gains for you! Let's navigate your options.

Step one: NAHB Membership
  • NAHB has approximately 800 local home builder associations across the country. Joining NAHB is your first step in accessing benefits at the local, state and national level because all memberships are 3 in 1. Find the local association in your area and contact them to join today. Already an NAHB member? Read on to find out how to access further benefits, just for remodelers.

Step two: NAHB Remodeler Membership
  • NAHB Remodelers is a council of NAHB, and membership is only available to NAHB members. There may be a local Remodelers Council in your association, visit, or ask your local home builder association if they have a local remodelers council. If they do, join up! By joining your local remodelers council, you automatically become a member of NAHB Remodelers and will be plugged in to valuable NAHB Remodeler benefits.
  • If your local home builder association does not have a local remodelers council, join NAHB Remodelers directly as an at-large member for $50 per year. You'll still receive the same national benefits listed below.

Benefits Available to NAHB Remodelers Members
Membership with NAHB Remodelers reflects a remodeler's commitment to responsible business practices, quality construction and reliable customer service. With a host of benefits including industry-leading programs in education, networking, marketing, advocacy and recognition of excellence, NAHB Remodelers gives you the tools you need to build your remodeling business.

Some of the most popular NAHB Remodelers benefits include
As a member of your local association, NAHB and of NAHB Remodelers, you will gain access to these benefits as well as a host of beneficial contacts that can help you succeed in your local remodeling market. Still not sure if membership is right for you? Learn more about the different types of membership and how they can benefit you!

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